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Scooter Boogie

I finally decided to try the Scooter Boogie, which I think is a fantastic idea.  It’s a company that delivers from any place in a specified delivery area.  According to the website they deliver to Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville, Lakewood, and some of Bishop Arts.  I think this is great because in Dallas, you can only get pizza or Asian food delivered.  Now I can eat at any restaurant in the area without even leaving the house.  And yes, for all you partiers, this includes alcohol.   The delivery guy told me they are all TABC certified and he had the sticker on his scooter to prove it.  Just think..if you’re hosting a party and you don’t want to leave it to replenish the beverages, all you have to do is make a phone call.

Scooter Boogie has several restaurants that they call “affiliated” which are basically restaurants that have signed up for the service.  The delivery fee from these restaurants tends to be cheaper and you order directly from the restaurants.  However, you can get delivery from any restaurant in the delivery area.  I think the founder came up with a smart and innovative concept.

I ordered some breakfast from Pop Diner (click her to see my blog about it).  I was told I would get it in 35 minutes or less.  When the delivery man got to my place it had been almost an hour.  My first thought was that I wasn’t going to be recommending this service because it takes way too long to get your food…and I was hungry.  However, when he got there, he explained what happened.  There was a volleyball tournament going on at the same time and apparently people had been ordering a lot of water, which is understandable since it’s summer.  That was when I started asking more questions about what they deliver.  I thought it was pretty cool that people could simply order bottled water, especially during an event that is outside.  They do not accept tips so you get what you pay for plus the delivery fee without that obligated feeling of tipping the delivery guy the right about.  Personally, I don’t like giving tips.  Don’t get me wrong, I do give them.  I just don’t like doing it.  I want to pay what the price is and no more and I don’t want to feel guilty if I can’t give a lot of extra money.  I don’t want to be worried that my future service is dependent on the tips of the past.  The delivery man was very friendly and had no problem answering my questions.  It seemed like he actually enjoyed it.  It must be a pretty interesting company to work for.  He also waived my delivery fee because, according to him, it had been about 50 minutes which is longer than they like to take on their deliveries.  I didn’t even have to ask or complain about the wait time.  He just automatically did it.  So of course, I would definitely recommend them.  I also think that the scooter idea in itself is pretty great in this growing green society we live in (and the scooter is literally green).

Scooter Boogie

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