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Hole in the wall – Louie’s

on January 9, 2014


Before even ordering,  my first impression is that this place is backwards.  They do not accept Visa or MasterCard,  only cash and American Express. I had to reread it to see if there was a punchline because I thought it was a joke.

The next thing I saw was that my favorite pizza topping, pepperoni,  is $3.00!!!! You make me pay cash at these prices?  I usually only have to hit the ATM before going out to a club….not a restaurant.

This place is definitely a “hole-in-the-wall”.


It’s quite loud and busy in here.  That gives me hope.  I hope the food lives up to “hole-in-the-wall” standards.

~~~~~Stay tuned~~~~~

UPDATE – The pepperoni pizza I had was fantastic. Is it worth $3 for pepperoni? I’m not so sure about that but the little pepperonis were crisp and tasty. It was a thin crust pizza, so thin that parts of the crust were black but that did not hinder the taste whatsoever. There was a bit of a wait since it’s made-to-order but it wasn’t too bad and they have several large widescreens to stare at while waiting. I dare say I could get addicted to the pizza as a lover of thin crust and pepperoni.


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