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First Sunset of the Summer 2013

I just really like this picture. I mostly like the way the shadows of the buildings look in the water. I’ve been to the downtown NYLO (NYLO Dallas South Side) and thought this pool looked pretty cool and innovative.  And NYLO is a pretty cool spot to hang at as well.

Fashion in the Urban Jungle

Sunset Over Dallas


One of my favorite things is to watch the sunset.  It’s one of the most beautiful things one can do.  It’s simple, free, and magnificent.  I really feel as though once a month you should set aside a day, go to the highest point you can and just watch the sunset.  I did that on Summer Solstice.  My great friend and I went to the Nylo hotel off Lamar in Dallas had a drink, spoke, watched the sunset over the city while a DJ played in the background.

If you have not been to the Nylo off Lamar in Dallas then I HIGHLYsuggest to go.  The crowd is old enough to not get into a fight but young enough to still have fun, dance, and be jovial.  My friend and I had such a wonderful time and are making plans to go back.  Hopefully soon.  It…

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Twisted Root (Burger Co)

Twisted Root is a very popular restaurant.  As soon as you walk in you can see how unique this place is.  There are all sorts of bumper stickers and written sarcasms everywhere you look.  My favorite burger is the Ranch Hand which has peppercorn ranch, bacon, and swiss.  They also have  these cool adult shakes.  Of course “adult” means that they add alcohol.  My favorite has Oreo cookies and amaretto in it…mmmmmmmmmm.  I believe people go for more than just the burgers and fried pickles though.  The place has a pretty fun atmosphere.  When your order is ready they don’t call a number or your name….at least not your given name.  Instead you are given a little card with a character name on it like Cinderella or Bella Swan.

There are several locations but the one I  go to is in Deep Ellum (near Dallas Downtown) on Commerce Street, so of course that is the one I would recommend.


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Deep Ellum – The Comeback

For a while now I have been hearing that Deep Ellum is coming back.  It looks to me like it still has a long way to go, but I have decided to check it out.  I remember the Deep Ellum of several years ago.  It was so popular that even with car pooling it was hard to find a spot to park and there was barely enough room on the sidewalk for everyone to walk.  There were several clubs, bars, and lounges, many of which I never made it to before they closed down,  As I walk down the streets of Deep Ellum, I see the remnants of those times.  I see the abandoned buildings that once were filled with music and dancing and people in lines that would wrap around the buildings.  Even in the cold, people would stand out there in line, shivering and waiting for someone to come out so they could go in, dressed up in their cute skirts and revealing shirts, and painfully standing in those beautiful yet uncomfortable heels.  Guys of course didn’t have to worry about the heels and they didn’t wear short bottoms and tops that revealed half of their body, leaving it out for the cold to attack.  Of course, I am aware there are those exceptions.  Some men showed some skin and some women came wrapped up. Nevertheless, we all did it every week in Deep Ellum because that was the place to be.  So now I’m on a journey to check out this new up-and-coming Deep Ellum.

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